PhD Scholarships – Funding Sources and Tips Gain Funding

This article provides a look into the different PhD funding sources available as well as provides tips to help gain additional funding.

The Different Funding Sources

There are many different avenues for PhD funding sources within the United Kingdom. Many of these funding bodies will help support doctoral students by providing an array of different options such as funding course fees, providing stipends or living allowances, award grants for travel expenses, or contribute small monetary amounts towards the student’s doctoral program. Funding is awarded for many different reasons citing academic merit as one of the most common reasons.

The Cost of PhD Studies

Depending on the country and the individual student status will help to determine the amount an individual should anticipate spending on their PhD programs. In the United Kingdom students should anticipate spending £3,000-£16,000 annually for program fees. This price does not include the cost of living within the UK.

The UK Research Councils

Summary: There are currently seven Research Councils that help fund up to 20,000 PhD candidates within the UK. The Research Council works in a partnership with different universities and doctoral programs to provide scholarships for the best candidates.

Award: The Research Council provides fee coverage for the domestic tuition rate as well as a generous annual stipend in the amount of £13,863. This stipend is not subject to tax fees.

Educational Institutes

Summary: Many individual academic institutes will offer their own PhD scholarships in order to attract potential candidates to their school. These PhD scholarships are non-transferable and are only applicable as long as the individual meets academic requirements as well as continues their studies at the university awarding the scholarship. This type of PhD scholarship is normally referred to as studentships or assistantships and are good ways for applicants to gain experience in their research fields.

Award: These scholarships offer different award amounts. Many of these PhD scholarships will award a large amount each year of full time doctoral studies. This award is normally put towards the program fees acquired while participating in a PhD program.

Charitable Organizations

Summary: Charitable organizations normally get overlooked when it comes to PhD funding. However, many charitable organizations will help fund students educations. Charitable organizations make their business by helping others obtain their goals. Education is no different. These organizations will help by providing scholarships for qualified applicants. Each charitable organization may make a clause that dictates in order to receive funding an applicant must commit a certain amount of time working within these charitable organizations. This is a wonderful opportunity for any student because it allows them to gain professional experience and in most cases these charitable organizations will help the applicant find jobs or award them jobs within their own organization.

Award: The award amount depends on the individual applying for the help as well as the charitable organization that is offering the funding. Many organizations will use the financial need and academic merit of an individual to determine funding.

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